Expansion of supply volumes for Covid 19 vaccines

In less than a year, pharmaceutical companies have not only invented and tested the first COVID-19 vaccines, but have also set up large-scale production for them. That's why they can deliver vaccine at all right now, even if only in smaller quantities. Now they are discussing how to speed up the expansion of delivery volumes.

Nahaufnahme von kreisförmiger Produktlinie zur Impfstoffproduktion mit Ampullen

Collaborations, not compulsory licenses, are the path to rapid expansion

However, the idea of using patent revocations and compulsory licences to commission other pharmaceutical companies with the production of vaccines does not promise a rapid expansion of production capacities. Vaccine production is one of the most demanding tasks in drug production. Every detail counts.


Vaccine production always requires intensive technical preparation. Nothing can be done on short notice.»

Han Steutel, vfa President

Only with the help of the original manufacturer can another company participate in production after a reasonably short period of preparation. That is why collaborations are the logical way to quickly expand production volumes.