vfa Vision: Germany's National Decade against Cancer

During a 'National Decade Against Cancer' beginning in 2019 German institutions for research and healthcare, the private sector, political institutions and civil society are meant to join forces for cancer research, cancer prevention and improved therapy of cancer patients. The vfa und its member companies have the following vision for the achievements of this decade:

  1. By the end of Germany's ‘National Decade against Cancer’, cancers will be better controlled. Cancer patients will have much longer survival rates with a good quality of life. The goal of a cure is achieved in increasing numbers of cases.
  2. Cancer prevention and screening that reduces the risk of disease is well established. This in particular includes secondary prevention for patients who have already been treated for cancer. Better early detection rates and treatment options contribute significantly to a clear overall improvement in the care of cancer patients.
  3. Achieving progress in the fight against cancer is understood to be a task for the whole of society. The pharmaceutical industry plays an important part in that process.
  4. In addition to existing vaccines against hepatitis B and HPV (which prevent liver cancer and cervical cancer, among others), more vaccines are under development that will help to prevent cancer. Acceptance of preventive vaccines has improved. Vaccines are also used with success in treatment.
  5. Direct access of cancer patients to universal, cross-sector care with the best available treatments has made Germany a global beacon. These strengths include the widespread opportunities in this country for cancer patients to take part in clinical studies where new therapies are developed.
  6. There is a better understanding of how cancer originates and spreads. This is facilitated by improved cooperation between academic and industrial research.
  7. The research achievements of academic institutions and industry are appropriately valued. Constructive and successful cooperation has advanced.
  8. Digitalization enables the use of large quantities of data and large numbers of patients to optimize research, screening and treatment.
  9. Appropriate reimbursement is provided for the new diagnostic methods, medical services, digital applications and medicines necessary for screening, early detection and treatment.
  10. People with cancer can lead full and active lives for longer and make valuable and valued contributions to society.

7 March 2019

The German version of the vfa vision is available here.