Germany as a pharmaceutical location - chaos instead of reliability and resilience

Berlin (vfa). Within a week, one billion will become two billion in compulsory levies - this is what the current draft bill from the BMG provides for research-based pharmaceutical companies. vfa President Han Steutel says: "What a mess! When we hear from the Federal Minister of Health that we are to pay a restructuring contribution of one billion euros and then after one week it is suddenly two, this is a serious matter. That is unacceptable, to put it kindly."

Steutel continued, "There is an enormous need for reform in the healthcare system: That requires constructive collaboration among all stakeholders. This draft and the way it was created is grotty. This is no way to deal with each other."

The vfa is the association of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Germany. It represents the interests of 48 leading global manufacturers and their more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliates in healthcare, research and economic policy. The members of the vfa represent around two-thirds of the entire German pharmaceutical market and employ approximately 80,000 people in Germany. More than 19,000 of them work in research and development. Follow us on Twitter: